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5 Internet of Things Startups to watch out for in 2016

“The idea of Internet of Things (IoT) revolutionizing our lives is doing the rounds since a few years now and with time, we have been looking at some very relevant as well as substantial IoT developments taking place around us. With cities becoming smarter, gadgets becoming more connected as well as services being made available at our fingertips, it is needless to say that the Internet of Things will transform our lives in more than a single way. “

Try to find out more on the exiting IoT technologies? Please take a look at Simmy’s excellent article called “5 Internet of Things Startups to watch out for in 2016” on iotworm. Simmy has summarized a list of 5 impressive IoT start-ups you should watch out:

  1. IFTTT – A start-up that intents to automate interaction as well as connection between several different mobile applications.
  2. Blu Flux –  With the help of Blu Flux, consumers will be capable of integrating products via UWB- based RTLS sensors. Smart phones to smart meters as well as intelligent wearables
  3. Parkifi – designs for people who regularly commute and it is literally a tricky task to find the right parking slot for your vehicle
  4. Withings – a smart thermometer with 16 infrared sensors which are capable of making 4000+ measurements in just few seconds.
  5. Droplit – helps you in fulfilling your dream of creating a fully- connected and smart home.

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