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3 Trends That Will Impact Your Data Visualization Success in 2016

Our daily digital interactions create a lot of data. Data volume will continue to grow as our day-to-day digital activities increase and the cost of storage decreases. This trend has completely redefined the role of data visualization around the world. To communicate the findings and insights from this massive data, data analysts and scientists need to use of data visualizations effectively.

To understand the data visualization trends in 2016, Daniel Tay, the Content strategist at Piktochart talked with “two of the foremost experts in this industry, Naomi B. Robbins (together with Joyce T. Robbins) and Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic”. Daniel has summarized their thoughts in the article called “How to Win at Data Visualization in 2016, According to Experts

According to Daniel, to win at data visualization in 2016, you need to focus on:

1. Data storytelling: Hire data scientists or storytellers
2. Automation: Use tools to make the drawing of charts and graph more efficient
3. Interactive content: Useful to increase engagement, but only in situations that are not time-sensitive.

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