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What Works Better? Big Data or Little Data

I came across this article today. The discussion is very similar to our post yesterday about Big Data vs. small data. In this article, the Director of Industry Insights at Primary Intelligence Carolyn Galvin said:

“Much has been written about Big Data, including the insights that can be gleaned from thousands or millions of data points, especially in the data-rich B2C market.”

“But what about Little Data? What can we learn from just a few data points? And when is Little Data appropriate in market, competitive and buyer research?”

Want to find out more? Please read this article called “Enough About Big Data – Consider Little Data Instead” on icrunchdata News.

Please also read Peter Fretty’s excellent comments to this article:

“The key is really around the idea that we need to get people within our organizations comfortable with data whether that means big or little. Data analysis presents opportunities for businesses to improve on so many levels. This doesn’t happen when people are uncomfortable with data. ”

I believe anyone who is trying to use data to drive your business success, whether you are a big fan of Big Data or “little data”, you will agree with Peter.

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