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Uber – the Innovative IoT Business Model for Transportation

Uber claimed that:

 “Uber does not provide transportation or logistics services or function as a transportation carrier… Uber has no responsibility or liability to the user related to any transportation, goods or logistics services provided to the user by third party providers.”

Uber does not like to be called a company who provides transportation services; instead, it tries to be a pure technology company who provides an Internet-based mobile platform to connect “things” in the transportation system (e.g. locations, cars and people).

There are many reasons why Uber emphasizes that they are not a transportation service provider. For example, they don’t need to strictly comply with the laws in cities and states across the country that pertain to “transportation companies” or “taxi companies”.

“It also means they could allocate more funding to developing a service provider ecosystem and marketing to potential customers.”

Want to know more about how Uber creates transportation innovation with IoT?  Please read the excellent article called “What Uber Teaches Us About the Internet of Things Value Chain” written by the icrunchdata News writer Raj Kosaraju.

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