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The Importance of Big Data and Data Visualization

“The emergence of massive quantities of cell phones, tablets, flips computers, as well as the growth of Cloud Computing, along with other data sources such as sensors and the Internet of Things have precipitated larger masses of data than anyone has ever seen.”

But how “big” is the Big Data? Please take a look at the following key statistics from our digital interactions every day. Every sixty seconds:

  • 98,000 tweets or more are made on Twitter.
  • 695,000 status updates are made on Facebook.
  • 11 million instant messages are sent.
  • 698,445 Google searches are made.
  • 168 million or more emails are sent.1,820 terabytes (TB) of data is created.

Big Data offers great opportunities; but there are also big challenges for many organizations in understanding knowledge embedded in the Big Data, finding value in Big Data investment, and using Big Data to improve customer relationships.

It is easier for human brain to process information using charts and graphs compared to tables, reports and numbers. Data visualization is a quick and easy way to convey the concept and information that are more understandable for human.

Want to find out how important is data visualization in the Big Data era? Please read Jessica Folliett’s excellent article called “The Importance of Big Data and Data Visualization” published on Dataversity.

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