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9 Big Customer Intelligence & Digital Marketing Ideas for 2016

Successful digital marketers need to monitor the rising trends constantly and prepare to adapt new ideas.

In an excellent post called “9 Big Customer Intelligence & Digital Marketing Ideas for 2016” by the Infinitive Difference Blog, digital experts predict the key ideas you should be looking out for in 2016.

“2015 was a big year in the customer intelligence world, most notably through finding insights from big data and chasing customers across channels.”

“We expect 2016 to continue in this vein, so we polled some of the Customer Intelligence experts at Infinitive to hear what they expect to be thinking (and probably blogging) about in 2016. From technology to personalization to the Internet of Things, Here are nine of our experts’ picks for the year’s biggest trends.”

The post has put together a list of 9 hottest topics in digital and data-driven marketing:

1. The Convergence of Martech and Ad Tech
2. Rationalizing & Leveraging Your Marketing & Advertising Technology Stack
3. Scaling Personalization & Content Takes Center Stage
4. A Sea Change in Advertising: From Broader Reach to Direct Targeting
5. Expansion of the Internet of Things
6. Big Data…But Regular-Sized Questions
7. Optimize, Optimize, Optimize
8. Achieving a Truly 360-Degree View of the Customer
9. The Continuing Evolution of the CMO

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