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8 Ways IoT will Change the Future World

Gartner predicts 26 billion devices will be online by 2020. As the rise of the “Internet of Things” (IoT), we will eventually see everything from trees to street lights, from house to office, from cars to highways…all connected to the web.

In light of the recent flurry of IoT activities, Alec Scott has put together a list of areas where the Internet of Things will change our future. Scott’s excellent article called “8 ways the Internet of things will change the way we live and work” on the Global and Mail indicated that IoT will potentially change the world in the following eight areas:

  • Home and office – the heat is on
  • Cities – goodby to gridlock
  • Manufacturing – rise of the machines
  • Vehicles – the robo-trucks
  • Transportation – planes, trains, shipping lanes
  • Health care – fit (and you know it)
  • Energy – power to the people
  • Agriculture – grain expectations

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