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The Real Money Is from the Internet, Not the Things

People has been investing lots of efforts, creating lots of standards to build the sensors for Internet of Things (IoT), and hoping the IoT can generate revenues.  But this could happen only you push hard enough to build out good services for your IoT because the real money is generated from the services (Internet), not the sensors (things).

Please check out Matt Asay’s excellent article called “The Internet of Things: The Real Money Is The Internet, Not The Things” published on ReadWrite Website.

In Matt Asay’s words:

The Internet of Things is real and growing, but the money will come neither from Internet nor the Things. Instead, the big money will derive from business services that pull data from those IoT networks.

Unfortunately, a lack of standards threatens to slow the market’s maturation as vendors are forced to build the devices, sensor networks and services that run on top of them.

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