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The Internet of Things is Everywhere, Just Not the Way You Expected

In the world of Inter of Things (IoT), unique identities are created for objects in the network and information about these objects are collected and sent wirelessly, making it possible to track almost anything about the objects.

When you turn on your desktop, use your mobile phone, use online payment systems, drive on automated toll roads, or use hotel key cards…you become an “object” in the IoT network  and you don’t even realize that.

Please check out AJ Dellinger’s excellent article called “The Internet of Things is already here—just not the way you expected” published on The Kernel Magazine.

In AJ Dellinger’s words:

Everyone is waiting for the Internet of Things to take consumers by storm. That likely isn’t going to happen, but it’s not because IoT isn’t a big deal. It’s because it’s already here.

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